Beyond this site, there are many ways in which we have worked to disseminate the outcomes of various projects that come under this BeyondLMS banner.

Final Report!

This work was started under an Australian Government funded grant (in one of the final rounds for the now disbanded Office of Learning and Teaching, OLT). ID14-3821: Learning Analytics beyond the LMS: Enabling Connected Learning via Open Source Analytics in “the wild”

Want to find out more? You can read the final report for this project, or download the achievements statement, or executive summary.

Peer Reviewed Publications

You could check out our repository of refereed Formal Publications which has all the papers associated with projects that this site covers.


Or… if you want something a bit less formal then you could head to the blog associated with this site, some of the other guest blogs that we have contributed to at various points in time:

Events and talks

A lot of talks relevant to this project have been given over the years, here are links to some of them:

  • June 2019: Building Learning Analytics ecosystems. Learning Analytics Summer Institute (LASI), Vancouver, Canada.

  • 18/2/2019: LA-API workshop. UTS. [slides]

  • 8/12/2018: Learning Analytics as an Intelligent Personal Assistant for Lifelong Learners. China Annual Academic Conference and International Educational IT Solutions Expo, Beijing. [slides]

  • 29/11/2018: Pragmatic data interoperability for learning analytics. IEEE xAPI and LA SIG. (Online presentation). [slides]

  • 17/11/2018: Designing for student facing learning analytics, International Forum on Educational Technology, Central China Normal University, Wuhan, China. [slides]

  • 14/9/2018: Loose couplings and fast development: using xAPI to provide Leaning Analytics beyond the LMS. eLearning Korea, Seoul, South Korea. [slides]

  • 9/3/2018: Embracing Imperfection in Learning Analytics. Learning Analytics and Knowledge 2018 [slides]

  • 27/11/2017: Designing for student facing learning analytics. HERN Symposium keynote, QUT, Brisbane, Australia. [slides]

  • 21/6/2017: Learner facing learning analytics as an enabler of metacognition and lifelong learning. Learning Analytics Summit, Sydney, Australia. [slides]

  • 31/5/2017: Student facing learning analytics, Student success and retention summit, Melbourne, Australia. [slides]

  • 29/4/2016 Recipe for Success – Lessons Learnt from Using xAPI. Learning Analytics and Knowledge 2016, Edinburgh, UK. [slides, talk]

  • 22/4/2016: Data pathways for lifelong personalised learning, xAPI Camp, Jisc, London, UK. [xAPI Camp page]

  • 11/2/2016: Data interoperability for learning analytics and lifelong learning, xAPI Camp, Autodesk, San Francisco, USA. [xAPI Camp page]

  • 21/7/2015: The CLA toolkit, xAPI Camp, Amazon, Seattle, USA. [video].

Work with standards bodies

Much of the work completed by the beyondLMS team has fed into the creation of reports and standards development. Why not go and check a couple of them out?