The Learning Management System (LMS) pervades the EdTech space. This is great if you like using LMSs, you get content management tools, assessment tools, some analytics functionality, … the works! So why BeyondLMS? Because not everyone likes to use a Learning Management System. There is a small but significant cohort of teachers who like to teach beyond the LMS, and they are not well supported by the EdTech industry. Many of these people are the innovators of education. Imagine what could be unleased if they were supported with tools for teaching beyond the LMS. What new pedagogies and practices could emerge?

This project explores the dynamic between the need for teaching innovation alongside the need for the formal administration of education technologies. It sought to identify a solution that would enable educational innovators to teach across platforms and systems using authentic real-world technologies, while recognising the need for quality, privacy, ethics and data control. Project outcomes demonstrate that it is possible to provide rich and authentic learning experiences for students ‘in the wild’, and still deliver learning analytics to staff and students using interoperable data that is ethically collected and securely stored.

Much of this work was initiated using funding received from the Australian Government’s Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT), under a Research and Innovation grant (Enabling connected learning via open source analytics in the wild: learning analytics beyond the LMS).

Here you can find resources, tools and other information about deploying Learning Analytics (LA) tools that will work beyond the LMS.

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