Down and Dirty with Data for SLA - Part 2

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This blog post is the second of two aimed at people attending ALASI 2015. Check out the first post, which has some pre-workshop preparation, and most importantly gives you some instructions about how to create an account in the CLA toolkit.

If you are interested in participating in the workshop from beyond ALASI’15 then you are welcome, follow the specific instructions below.

ALASI workshop - Stages and basic lesson plan

The workshop will cover the following topics in a series of mini-workshops. Each subsection will build upon what has gone before, but if you miss the first session, you should still be able to walk in to the second one (it will be easier to do this if you complete the preparation phase in stage one first. Topics will be discussed in the following loose order:

  1. Introduction to project, data generation and sign up to CLA toolkit (Kirsty Kitto)
  2. Social Network and Content Analysis (Aneesha Bakharia & Shane Dawson)
  3. Feedback Loops (Abelardo Pardo)
  4. Break
  5. Discourse Analytics (Andrew Gibson & Simon Buckingham Shum)
  6. Nature of Interaction (Community of Inquiry and Cognitive Presence) (Dragan Gasevic & Kirsty Kitto)
  7. What should you measure? (Grace Lynch)
  8. Future developments and how to get involved (Kirsty Kitto)

If you are would like to join in from elsewhere in the world (or even just another room at ALASI) then you should:

  1. Follow these hashtags: #clatoolkit, #LAbarriers, #LAfixes, #alasi15-dad
  2. Check out our Youtube channel and enter some responses in the discussion thread
  3. Follow the instructions that get posted to the #alasi15-dad hashtag on Twitter

Instructor Facing Dashboard

You can go to this link to check out the instructor facing dashboard for the ALASI’15 data set.
login: staff-dashboard
password: alasi15